On our arrival at the airport Sunday, July 3, 2010, we met our Dear Managing Director of the Company, Mister John Njoroge.
Nice to meet you ! Nice to meet you!
We received the two vehicles: inventory, no need to do he said... At first, everything seemed OK, except that the mileage of cars (promessse to - 60,000 km, in the end more than 100,000 km).
Well it still lacked a refrigerator ...

We paid the balance of our order in cash (euros).
We had insisted that he gives us a receipt.
"Oh you do not trust me?"
Yes, yes, but we never know ...

Then came the time of filing the bond. KSH 150,000 (equivalent 1500 € per car). He came with his manual electronic card block, spent two cards and oddly enough has identified the 3 digits on the back of our electronic cards while passing phone calls...
We asked about the reason for these phone calls and why he was taking into account the numbers on the back of the cards. So, we asked him if the guaranty was taken out of our bank account
His answers were always, like his emails, very evasive and imprecise, to finally tell us that the bonds would not be cashed.So why all this fuss ...??
As we had really big doubts about his honesty, we have a few days later, contacted our respective banks and guess what??

the two bonds were cashed the same day !!!!!

What a liar ...